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TV –Radio Introduction

Kenneth Foster - Author, Ask and You Will Succeed

My guest today, Kenneth D. Foster is the author of the acclaimed bestselling book Ask and You Will Succeed, a book filled with the extraordinary questions that will change your life. For the last 15 years Kenneth has researched and developed high velocity formulas for accelerating one’s personal and professional success. Ask and You Will Succeed is the most comprehensive book of success questions ever written and is especially timely for those who are struggling with feeling marginalized in this economy – and want a better life.

Kenneth is a visionary, and founder of two leading companies in the Personal and Professional Development world - Premier Coaching and Shared Vision Network. As a leading expert on how to use the mind to take charge of your life and create a Positive Self Image, Increase Confidence, Reduce Stress, Build Wealth, and sustain a Successful Lifestyle. He is a sought after speaker and currently a Ph.D. candidate in the field of Success Coaching.

  • Between the years 2005 – 2007, Kenneth interviewed one hundred twenty millionaire entrepreneurs, giving him profound insights into their formulas for success in life. He used his finding to create a Success Program to help clients create their “Greatest Year Ever.” Through his intensive study of success principles and strategies, Kenneth has become an acclaimed expert in the science of human excellence with in-depth knowledge in increasing Insight and Wisdom, Unearthing Your Truest Desires, Defining Your Ultimate Vision, Discovering Your True Purpose, Accelerating Your Pace of Success, and Helping clients create a Rich Life.
  • A master coach, who has worked with thousands of clients, Kenneth has developed special knowledge and simple formulas for predictable success. He is a master at asking the right questions to help clients delve deeply into the heart of their greatest fears, bring forth the power to overcome all obstacles, and realize their latent potential.

Foster’s books, articles, classes and workbooks--along with his energy, magnetism, and enthusiasm-- have inspired thousands of individuals worldwide who now achieve at higher levels and live more fulfilling and abundant lives. Often called “America’s Lifestyle Coach,” Foster’s clients include doctors, lawyers, PhD’s, entrepreneurs, entertainers, best selling authors, America’s top speakers, retired millionaires and executives from companies such as Coldwell Banker, Bank of America, Cisco, Anthony Robbins Co., Goodwill Industries, Nikon, Nordstrom, Remax, Arbonne International, Smith Barney, House of Blues, and Arbonne International.

For more information on Kenneth, his book and his coaching programs, you can visit his websites:

PremierCoaching.com/success | AskSucceed.com | EntrepreneursEdgeCoaching | fireupnow.biz

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