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Publicity Photos

Terms of Use: By downloading the images of Kenneth D. Foster, Premier Coaching, or Shared Vision Network you agree, to the following terms of use.

All photos are copyrighted and by downloading any photographs you agree to protect the copyright and use the photos only as specified below.

Event Planners or Sponsoring parties of a Kenneth D. Foster speaking engagements may copy and redistribute multiple copies strictly in association with, and for the sole purpose of, organizing, coordinating, advertising or promoting a contracted a speaking appearance.

Media organizations may copy and redistribute photos in association with approved print articles, electronic articles, television appearances and/or radio interviews. Other uses are strictly prohibited without the express written permission of Kenneth D. Foster, Premier Coaching, or Shared Vision Network.

Download Publicity Photos

To download the hi-resolution image of your choice, simply click on the photo you'd like to use for downloading. A high-rez version will be downloaded to your desktop.

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