Accelerate Your Personal Results with Life Coaching

Are you ready to accelerate your personal success in every area of your life? Imagine having the life you have always wanted, endless energy, your dream relationship, physical vitality, mental clarity, spiritual fulfillment, and a sense of happiness every day!

Over the years, I’ve helped thousands of clients get back on track and reach their goals in areas as diverse as business, finance, relationships, health career, spiritual, and many other areas.

The reason I’ve been so successful?

My programs are based on scientific principles – not “fly by night - seat of the pants” assumptions! They involve lasting change – not quick fixes that fade away at the first sign of changing circumstances.

The latest studies of the spirit – mind – body connection – and my discovery over the years of what works to ignite human potential, all come together in the work that I do with my clients.

If you’ve read either of my books, “Your Greatest Year Ever” and “Ask And You Will Succeed,” then you know that my programs always provide you with clear, easy to follow, step by step action plans to create success in all areas of your life. They allow you to stop dreaming and start achieving.

Well, I’m about to launch an extraordinary new program that will enable me to broaden my outreach and support my clients in a way that has never been possible before.

This new approach will provide EXACTLY the same kind of step by step support that you need to move you to the next level of action – one that will allow you to move forward into the successful life you have always dreamed was possible.

It will allow you to:

  • Unearth Your Truest Desires
  • Define the Ultimate Vision For Your Future
  • Discover Your True Purpose in Life and Take The Steps to Pursue it
  • Take the Kind of Action You Know is Needed to Transform Your Life
  • Enhance Your Inner Ability to Increase Insights and Personal Wisdom
  • Create a More Stress-Free Environment and Increase Balance in Your Life
  • Expand Your Sense Of Inner Peace
  • Become the Action Taker You are Committed to Being

I’m about to introduce you to my exclusive One-on-One Coaching program - the one that I've designed, using my Greatest Year Ever and my Ask And You Will Succeed principles, combined to make this program the powerhouse offering that it is.

This One-on-One Coaching Program will help you identify exactly what's holding you back from realizing YOUR own flood of success...and create your own personal break-through once and for all!

No matter what your circumstances, my new One-on-One coaching program will support you to take that next crucial step forward in creating whatever you really want out of life. The barricades to success that have stopped you until now, will fall, and you will find a whole new level of confidence in yourself and your ability to take action and create the life you have always dreamed of having.

What You Can Expect:

You will:

  • Discover those “Success Stoppers” that Have Gotten in Your Way. Your Coach Will Work with You, One-on-One to Move Past them
  • Claim the Life of Your Dreams that You Had Given Up on
  • Finally Realize Your Full Potential
  • Experience True, Unlimited Happiness and Deep Fulfillment in Life
  • Secure the Kind of Lasting Change You Have Always Known Was Possible
  • Experience the Transformation of Your Life, Energy and Passion, and Gain Control of Your Money and Time!

So, here’s what I’ve done.

I have put together a powerful team of highly skilled personal achievement coaches, responsible for delivering a Masters Level of coaching to our clients.  Several of my coaches have worked with the biggest names in the field of personal development today – people like Bob Doyle and Marci Shimoff …stars of “The Secret”, among many, many others.

You could say that my personally trained team is the closely guarded “secret” that the many amazing people in the world have turned to for expert Professional and Personal Coaching.

That means together, we’ve been personally and professionally instrumental in supporting literally thousands of individuals, just like you, who finally decide to take action, take control of their lives and learn how to “Let Go” of their blocks to accomplishment.

As a result, the immediate success that our team has witnessed, first hand, has been truly miraculous to say the least.

That’s how I know that you can claim whatever you want!

Make the Right Choice!

Each of us makes hundreds of choices every day.

What do you want to choose?

  • Will you choose to learn exactly what’s been stopping you from achieving your goals, or would you rather continue waiting to “figure it out?”
  • Will you choose to acknowledge and celebrate your victories and celebrate your wins, or would you prefer to remain stuck in worry about why things never change and you don’t have what you want in life?
  • Will you choose to envision, plan and bring your dreams into reality, or will you continue to wait for the circumstances to change or live in hope that something, “sometime,” will help alter your current way of living?

The Moment is NOW – take it on…

Redefine yourself! Allow my new One-on-One Premier Success Coaching Program to empower you. Let my coaches transfer the wisdom, strategies, questions, and mindsets of successful individuals everywhere to show you the action steps to take to transform your life.

This is an extraordinary opportunity – I have enlisted the services of these extraordinary, highly trained coaches to help you take your life to the next level.

I know that when transforming life, there is no room for guesswork or re-inventing the wheel. That’s why I‘ve taken what I know has worked for me and thousands of others; allowing my coaches to create incredible lives beyond their expectations, and embedded it into my new One-on-One Premier Success Coaching Program.


As a gift for submitting your application into our program, we invite you to accept our 3 FREE Life changing Ken Foster Audio Presentations:

  • Mastering the Mind
  • Breaking the Code to Success
  • The Secret to Keeping Commitments

These bonus materials will give you some powerful tips with an upbeat look at how to achieve your goals and bring you closer to living the life you have always wanted to live.

Complete the Application Form and enjoy this special download now!


Why Coaching?

In the work I’ve done in this area, it is very clear that it’s never about how much work you do – or how fast you can do it – it’s always about the choices you make and the wisdom of those choices that lead to your success.

Through the years with the many coaches with whom I have worked, it has become clear that removing subconscious blocks, increasing your vision and passion, and moving past anything from the past that is blocking you, are all keys to building your powerful, successful life.

If you’ve read this far, I know that what you want is to take the next step to building that amazing life. Don’t let yourself get stopped.

According to the American Society for Training and Development (ASTD), the premier training and development organization in the world, if you want to achieve challenging goals, enhance performance, gain clarity and focus, and build something extraordinary with your life, you need a COACH on your side as your accountability partner.

According to ASTD, utilizing a Coach and knowing the following 6 things will dramatically increase your probability of success:

Studies show that if you…

  1. HEAR an idea, the probability of your achievement is 10%
  2. Consciously decide ADOPT an idea, your probability increases to 25%
  3. Decide when to IMPLEMENT an idea, probability is 40%
  4. Devise a PLAN on how to do it, probability is 50%
  5. Make a COMMITMENT to another person, probability is 65%
  6. Have an ACCOUNTABILITY to A COACH – (like your Premier Success Coach), and your probability increases to 95%

Take a look at the following graphic demonstrating these findings…


Studies show that it takes 90 days to make a new habit stick. So the challenge is not in learning new information; it’s having the endurance to implement the change into your everyday life. That’s one of the primary reasons our new coaching program is such a vital part of creating your new success.

My Premier Success Coaching Program guides you through those important first 90 days, so that your new habits get incorporated into your life.

For example, Tiger Woods and Roger Federer are experts in their fields. Why would they need a coach? They know what many individuals looking to improve their own performance are beginning to realize: with a coach on their side, they are able to achieve more than they would on their own. As people want to transform their "game," coaches provide an objective eye, new insights and perspectives, and much-needed support.

Imagine - utilizing the Premier long-term solution for making enduring changes (coaching). Imagine – the partnership of a coach throughout the process of changing your life. Through the years I have spent building my success, I can certainly see why 80% of all coaching clients agree, coaching is the most effective method anyone can experience for learning and internalizing new habits and information. That’s why I am strongly recommending that you find out more about what’s possible for you in producing results in your life.


Premier Success Coaching…
“Conquer Your Challenges for Life!”

The Premier Success Coaching Team has designed YOUR coaching program as a holistic program to maximize the power of seeing clearly your current reality, setting up specific outcomes, developing purpose, increasing understanding of what drives you, and mastering the action skills need to achieve an extraordinary quality of life. All of your past frustration, memories, and unfulfilled wishes don’t have to stop you from creating the life of your dreams.

We really are all capable of having, giving and experiencing so much more in life.

So, what’s stopping YOU from creating YOUR personal breakthrough?

  • What’s between YOU and everything YOU desire and deserve?
  • What if there is no difference between you and me?
  • What if YOU could take action and realize YOUR dreams in less than a year?

Well, it’s absolutely possible - There is no good reason why it can’t happen to you!

It’s time for you to remove those barriers that keep you stuck where you are – and claim the life you’ve always wanted. Whether it means $1 million dollars in the bank or thousands of square feet in a luxurious home – anything is possible.

Your personal Premier Success Coach is a highly trained professional, who has demonstrated a mastery level of coaching and has been coached by the finest coaches in the world. Just as sports coaches help athletes raise their standards for accelerated results, your Premier Success Coach will support you to set new standards in your business, personal and relationship lives. Your coach will challenge you, stretch you, and support you in attaining the results you desire and deserve in your life.

You can claim whatever you want. You can attract whatever you want - right now. The waiting can be over if you choose it to be.

Apply Quickly to Secure Your Place

Keep reading, but I warn you, we have extremely limited availability so you have to act now.



AND, for a limited time, when you do apply for this extraordinary program, I have a special gift for you…



As a gift for submitting your application into our program, we invite you to accept our 3 FREE Life changing Ken Foster Audio Presentations:

  • Mastering the Mind
  • Breaking the Code to Success
  • The Secret to Keeping Commitments

These bonus materials will give you some powerful tips with an upbeat look at how to achieve your goals and bring you closer to living the life you have always wanted to live.

Complete the Application Form and enjoy this special download now!


You CAN change your life – You CAN alter the direction you are headed…

You simply need to know HOW to do it.

To see that coaching CAN literally help you:

  • Reduce or eliminate the internal resistance that keeps you from having what you want in your life
  • Neutralize those negative emotions and personal barriers
  • Develop greater focus to learn and achieve more and take your ability to learn to the next level.
  • Spend your life in the space of what’s possible rather than being stopped by thoughts from the past.
  • Learn how to “tune in” to those things you want to attract instead of continually having what you DON’T want!
  • Identify and Clear your “internal conversations” that negatively and unconsciously influence your prosperity.
  • Become an “Action Taker” – and Move through life with unstoppable confidence that you can be, do and have whatever you want in life.
  • Attract a lifetime of abundance and wealth instead of lack and fear of the future.
  • See the difference between thinking you know what you want and really knowing what you want.
  • Soar through each day with an abundance of unwavering energy and experience supercharged levels of productivity.
  • Become the consistent master of your mind, emotions and life.

Together, you and your coach will work on habituating the thinking and processes that will enable you to create breakthroughs in your business and personal life– key requisites to living a life of fulfillment and satisfaction.

Whether you call it Goal Setting, Visualization, Positive Thinking or Personal Development, Premier Success Coaching is your access to truly mastering this process and living a life you’ve always dreamed of.

Because of our highly personal approach, our team has limited availability…at this time we're only accepting a Select Group of participants who are in a position to make serious commitments about their personal growth.

The application process is absolutely free—but if you are selected and choose to participate, there is an investment involved.

This is not a free program.

"I have been a millionaire twice and a billionaire once. I have worked with the top business, political and spiritual leaders in our nation and I have found working with Ken Foster to be an extraordinary experience. He is the Coaches Coach. Not many people could have supported me the way Ken has. He helped me to expand my vision, get clear with my direction, and showed me the way to have more wealth, happiness and success in my life. If you are looking for a Super Coach I highly recommend Ken."


Bill Bartmann
The Billionaire Business Coach

Our experience provides us with the confidence that laboring shoulder to shoulder on your behalf, will virtually guarantee a successful outcome.

So, here's what needs to happen next:

  1. Make sure you have read this letter.
  2. Take Action NOW!
  3. Fill out the entire application below.

After we receive your application, you'll be contacted to discuss your situation and circumstances.


  • You'll be partnered with a Coach who's lived through the change and growth process, and who has been trained, tested, certified and approved to handle your specific challenges.
  • You'll benefit from our ENTIRE team, and that includes ME, working behind the scenes, brainstorming and strategizing with your lead Coach each week.
  • Collectively, your Coach and the entire team becomes your most trusted and valued "executive team" - This gives you the wisdom, insight, encouragement, critique, and a good kick in the pants (as needed).

"Ken appeared at a significant point in my life. I was struggling with career choices and transition, and trying to figure out how to move my relationship forward. Ken's well directed questions and compassion helped me to see how a few reoccurring issues from my past were triggering a series of irrational beliefs I had been holding on to about life, relationships and money. In working with Ken and focusing on my desired outcomes, my life has been one continuous opportunity of growth and opportunity. Today I am happily married, graduating from school with a Masters degree, and developing my own business where I can be of service to myself and others. Ken Foster was the catalyst!"


Mitch Newman

Our experience provides us with the confidence that our partnership will accelerate progress in your life as never before! I encourage you to take some time to consider this life changing experience!

Remember, when you apply you will receive our three FREE BONUS audio Downloads – so take action NOW!


By filling out the application below...

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